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Egyptian Modern Pentathlon has succeeded to book two seats at the next Olympic Games London 2012; by winning the first place at the African Qualifying Championship, which has ended today 24th July 2011 with the participation of South Africa, Cote d'Ivoire and Senegal, in addition to Egypt, the host country.

The men competition was a battle between Amro & Omar El-Gezeiry in the first two laps in the combined event but the situation changed in the last lape as Hefny finished shooting with Omar and he run so hard to finish before Omar by 51 seconds to book his first ticket to the London 2012 Olympic Games, while Omar el-Geziery came 2nd and Amro el-Geziery the former qualified O.G Bejing 2008 came 3rd.

On the other hand the women competition was not hard for Aya Medany to win the first place and she was qualified to the 2012 London O.G. for the 3rd time in her career life, Karina Gerber worked hard to win the third place to be the only non Egyptian on the podium, while reem el sayed won the 2nd place

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African Youth A Championships is over and Egypt has won the 3 Medals as for Men`s Individual comp. and the 3 athletes were BESHR Anas, ELSEWEDY Ahmed, WALID Mohamed.

And in the same competition the 3 girls were also from Egypt and the 3 athletes were YAKOUT Reem, MORSY Haydy, MOHAMAD Sarah.

Congratulations for the athletes and well done for the south african boy ZWIEGELAAR Tersius in the combined event as his shooting was so good.

Good luck for Senegal and Cote d`Ivoir in the next competition as they participate for the first time in an African Championship.

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اجتماع الجمعية العمومية العادية يوم الأحد الموافق 19/9/2010

وسيناقش الاجتماع البنود التالية:-

أ‌-        جدول اعمال الاجتماع

ب‌-     تقارير : مجلس الادارة – مراقب الحسابات – خطة العمل للعام الجديد

ت‌-     الميزانية والحساب الختامى للسنة المالية المنتهية معتمدا من مراقب الحسابات

ث‌-     مشروع الموازنة للسنة المالية المقبلة

ج‌-     الاقتراحــات المقدمـة ( بشرط أن تقدم كتابة الى سكرتارية الاتحاد فى الموعد القانونى المحدد بهذا النظام )

ح‌-     صورة للقائمة النهائية للمرشحين لمجلس الادارة

خ‌-     بيان بأسمـــــــــاء الهيئــات الاعضاء التى لها حق حضور الاجتماع

د‌-       الموضوعات الأخرى الواردة بجدول الاعمال ( مثل تعديل النظام الاساسى للاتحاد ليشمل عدة بنود أهمها تعديل قيمة النقطة
في نقاط المدربين لتكون لتكون القيم المالية القصوى للنقطة عند التعاقد كالتالي :

مدرب خماسى شامل متفرغ ( مدير فنى ) من 40 ج م الى 80 جم

مدرب خماسى شامل متفرغ مسـاعد مدير فنى من 35 جم الى 70 جم

مدرب خماسى شامل غير متفرغ مساعد مدير فنى من 25 الى 50 جم

مدرب متخصص متفرغ لعبة واحدة من 20 جم الى 40 جم

مدرب متخصص غير متفرغ لعبة واحدة من 15 جم الى 30 جم

مساعد مدرب متفرغ/ غير متفرغ لعبة واحدة من 10 جم الى 20 جم

وذلك اضافة الى باقى بنود اللائحة .

القواعد العامة لبرنامــج النشاط المحلى المسابقات والبطولات للموسم الرياضى 2010 - 2011 _ الخ )


الهيئات العامة التي لها حق حضور الجمعية العمومية


القاهرة :

نادي الشمس  -  نادي مدينة نصر  -  نادي جاسكو  -  نادي هليوبوليس  -  اتحاد الشرطة الرياضي.

 الإسكندرية :

نادي أصحاب الجياد  -  نادي سموحه الرياضي  -  نادي حرس الحدود  -  النادي النوبي العام



In world Cup II Cairo 2010 - Evdokia Gretchichnikova (RUS) has claimed gold in the Women’s Event at World Cup #2 in Cairo, Egypt. In the process she beat World #2 and 2009 World Cup Final winner Donata Rimsaite (LTU) and Egyptian powerhouse and World #3 Aya Medany who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Congratulations Aya for the Bronze Medal.


Senior World Championships is over and Egypt has won a Bronze Medal for Men`s Team Relay by the Geziery Brothers (Amro & Omar).

On the other hand Aya was the 7th with a surprise for the whole world as she was the 1st predicted to stand on the podium but nothing of that happened, good luck Aya in the World Cup Final.


The Egyptian Team has arrived London today after a successful training camp in Poland with our Head Coach Makay, and his assistant Samy accompanied by the President Mr. Touny.

The Geziry brothers (Amro & Omar) , Yasser Hefny & Mostafa Nofal will participate for men competitions, Aya Medany, Jihan El-Midany, Yasmin khaled & Reem Othman will participate for women competitions.

Our Team is ready for the Senior World championships specially our Golden fish Aya Medany the Silver Champ 2008.

JIHAN AL-MEDANY has won the silver medal of the women Youth A World Championships held in cairo.

Jihan was approaching the line for the golden medal but the Hungarian athlete FOLDHAZI ZSOFIA has made a very good sprint to have the golden medal from Jihan with a distance of a finger nail.

Please the UIPM News Letter for more info.

Our GOLDEN STAR Aya Medany has achieved her golden medal in the Junior World Championships 2009 held in Taiwan.

The Competition was hard but our champ was the best as usual... God Bless You Aya

The Egyptian Girls have achived the Silver medal for the Team Relay Competition.

Our Girls Team was the 9th in the teraditional teams competition while boyes were the 7th.

Congratulations Egypt...and God Bless you

The top 36 women were in action in the final day of competition at World Cup #4 in Rome. After taking home silver in Cairo & a gold in Mexico in the previous world cups, Aya Medany of Egypt again had her golden moment, crossing the line with the Egyptian flag draped on her shoulders and happy to have had her moment.

God Bless you Aya.

Aya now is the Number One Qualified for the Final World Cup, Jihan El-Midani & Jasmin Khaled are qualified to.

On the other side Five Male athletes have been qualified to the Final World Cup, they are Yasser Hefny, Mostafa Nofal, Amro El-Geziery, Abdel-Raouf Raouf & Omar El-Geziery.


Coca Cola The EFMP Main Sponsor is Organizing A Mini-Marathon in Egypt to Support Water Conservation Projects in Upper Egypt click here to know more


11 - 20 April: UIPM President Dr h.c. Schormann visited Cairo for the World Cup and met with African Confederation President Mr. Sameh Guemeih along with Vanessa Kahandjandjo, Assistant for African Affairs to the UIPM President and discussed the necessary steps to be taken for the development in Africa like Botswana, Angola, and the coordination with General Souhail Kouhry, Assistant to UIPM President for Middle East Affairs, for the Middle East Countries.
UIPM President Dr h.c. Schormann also met with the President of the Egyptian Federation Mr. Mohamed Touny to discuss the activities and actions of the Egyptian Federation for Biathle and the preparation of the 2009 Youth A World Championships and the 2011 Senior World Championships (Olympic Games Qualification Competition)
that will take place in Cairo.
Additionally, UIPM President Dr h.c. Schormann met with UIPM Sport Director Mauro Tirinnanzi to review the World Cup in Mexico City and the World Cup in Cairo regarding the Combined Event. President Dr h.c. Schormann informed him about the proposals of Laser pistol manufacturing companies.


In an intense and exciting competition the El Geziry brothers, Omar and Amro of Egypt dominated the majority of the day, with Omar taking the lead from the fence through to the combined event. However, glory in front of a home crowd eluded the two brothers with Ondrej Polivka of Czech out performing the rest of field, having taken advantage when both brothers faulted in the shooting dropping places during the second set. Running hard in the final kilometre, Lithuanian duo Edvinas Krungolcas and Tadas Zemaitis took silver and bronze respectively. This caps an impressive weekend for Lithuania taking home a complete medal set in this World Cup after Laura Asadauskaite’s golden performance yesterday.
At the start of the day in the fencing it was Omar El Geziry who impressed with his finesse on the pistes to take the lead with 1024 points for 29 victories/9 defeats. Following close in equal second was Justinas Kinderis (LTU) and Pavel Sekretev (RUS) both with 13V/4D (952 points). Third position was shared by four athletes - David Svoboda (CZE), Denis Cherkovskis (LAT), Tadas Zemaitis (LTU) and Amro El Geziry (EGY) all on 904 points.
This was a tight group at the top, meaning that performances in swimming would start to separate the athletes.
Making the quick transition pool side it is home favourite and star of the pool Amro El Geziry (EGY) who did not disappoint. El Geziry completed the swim in an amazing 1:56.61 two body lengths ahead of Sung hyun Lee (KOR) and his brother Omar El Geziry (EGY). The crowd was ecstatic with the result especially learning that after two events the El Geziry brothers topped the leader board – Omar with 2355 points and Amro with 2308 points.
Rounding out the top 3 was Lithuanian Justinas Kinderis on 2220 points.
Across to the Cairo Equestrian Centre, the men displayed their skills with three obtaining the perfect score of 1200 - Edvinas Krungolcas (LTU), Denis Cherkovskis (LAT) and Justinas Kinderis (LTU). Ondrej Polivka (CZE) the last rider in round 1 also had a great ride albeit the only injuries to his score a 16 point time penalty resulting in 1184 points. As the last two riders of the day, the anticipation of the El Geziry brothers built in the crowd. Amro was first on the course, suffering only one knock down (20 penalty points) for a score of 1180 points. Omar, the final rider for the day, incurred one obstacle penalty and experienced a little difficulty to remain within the time to have 44 penalty points deducted resulting in a total 1156. But even a few penalties did not stop the domination by the El Geziry brothers, except to bring them closer overall. After three events Omar still held the top spot with 3508 points, while Amro had 3488. Kinderis remained their nearest rival with 3420 points, while Italian Pierpaolo Petroni moved up into fourth position (3340 points).
The brothers started with only 5 seconds separating them in the combined. Omar successful in his shots was out on the first 1km course increasing his lead. Amro shortly followed with Petroni having had a fast shoot come out in third ahead of Kinderis who staggered to fall back in fifth position. On the course Omar kept his distance in the lead returning to the range taking 4 shots (2 hit/2miss) before Amro who also returned with Petroni on his shoulder. In a dramatic turn of events, with 5 fantastic shots Ondrej Polivka was first out of the range, moving from his sixth starting position into first.
Determined to keep his lead Polivka kept a solid pace, meanwhile Omar struggled with the shots to time out and re-entered the run course in third followed by Yahor Lapo (BLR) who moved through the field from 7th. Petroni fell back to 6th position while Marcin Horbacz (POL) climbed from 13th to fifth. Polivka returned for the final and third shot in the lead at least 70m in advance of Omar. Into the third set of shoots, Omar again faltered from which a number of competitors gained an advantage. Polivka again successful entered the course first, followed by Tadas Zemaitis (LTU) in second and Edvinas Krungolcas (LTU) in third. In the final 1km Krungolcas out did his fellow countryman, to overtake him with silver insight. Across the line Polivka took the gold with a solid lead, Krungolcas for silver and Zemaitis completed the podium with bronze. The fastest pentathlete in the field was Alvaro Sandoval of Mexico in 10:26.00.
In an exciting finale to the day’s competition, Laura Asadauskaite of Lithuania showed her preference and skill for the combined event, coming from fourth after three events to take the gold medal in the second World Cup of the season. Her speed on the run aided her from the beginning as she exited the range after the first shooting series in equal third and each of the next 1km rounds continued to make up ground. Aya Medany on home soil had the crowd wild with excitement as she took control of the lead after the second series of the shooting. But the speed of Asadauskaite could not be tamed and Medany was out run in the last 400m to take silver. Overall leader throughout the day Amelie Cazé of France fought hard and had an impressive run to complete the podium with the bronze medal. To recap the day’s events, Amelie Cazé of France was the leader throughout the day, having started with a strong fence where she scored the highest, an impressive 29V/6D, for 1092 points. In what was a repeat of the first World Cup in Mexico, Egyptian Aya Medany placed second with 1000 points. The two women show they are top of the international field in the moment with impressive bouts, confidently facing their opponents. To the pool the two competed in two separate heats based on their qualification times from Thursday. Medany in Heat 4 was the fastest with 2:16.00 earning her 1168 points, but it was not enough to topple Cazé who in Heat 5 touched for third in a time of 212.80 and 1208 points, extending her lead to 2304 over Medany’s total of 2168.
Hungarian Leila Gyenesei had the fastest swim in the pool with a time of 2:08.92.
Out on the riding course at the Cairo Equestrian Stadium, Cazé suffered a set-back with a difficult ride incurring a time penalty of 68 point and a further 40 points for obstacles. This placed her 22nd overall in the event and only resulting in 1092 points. However this was still enough to keep her in the lead overall after three events with a total 3396 points giving her a lead of 34 seconds as she heads to the combined event. As if to make the 4/7 competition at the top more intense, Medany also had difficulties on the course , ironically earning the same points as Cazé (1092) but placing one better in the event as a result of finishing the course faster. So, again, after three events Medany sat behind Cazé on 3260 points. The best rides of the day were achieved by Donata Rimsaite (LTU) and Anfisa Kasyanava (BLR) who were 20 points short (1180) of a perfect score (1200) due to one knockdown on the course.
Heading to the combined, the top five pentathletes start within 52 seconds, a significant lead for Cazé with 34 seconds in advance of Medany. Following her was Polina Struchtkova (RUS) at 38 seconds, then Lucie Grolichova (CZE) and Laura Asadauskaite (LTU) both on 52 seconds.
In the combined event the intensity of competition left everyone with goose bumps and the crowd on the edge of their seats as the battle for gold was played out. As the leader Cazé headed out the start gate onto the range, taking three shots before Medany joined her to the delight of the home crowd. She was soon followed by Struchtkova, Grolichova and Asadauskaite. Cazé started her 1km as the other three reached their stations. Medany soon followed making up ground with her fast shooting skills. Returning to the range there only remained 10 metres between the two, with Medany running beside her in the range. The tension mounted when both missed their first shot. In the meantime Asadauskaite had made up ground to return in third position.
Cazé was the first to finish her five shots and back out, Medany followed within 20 metres. Asadauskaite wasted no time and fires out of the range in pursuit. For the third series Medany returns to the range in first. The crowd went wild! Cazé felt the pressure of Asadauskaite who made up significant time following with less then 2 metres. In the range Cazé and Medany are shot for shot after 3. Cazé missed the fourth and Medany had the advantage. Medany hit the next two and was out for the final 1km. The crowd was beside themselves with excitement, every one shouting for Medany, edging her along. Cazé was next, but Asadauskaite was too close and overtook within the first 100m on the course. As the athletes slipped out of view the crowd waited in anticipation of their return with all hopes on Medany maintaining her lead from the powering Lithuanian. It is Asadauskaite who appeared first and did not break a stride with the finish line in site, happily taking home the gold. Medany put in a gallant effort in front of the fans but it was not enough, crossing the line for silver while Cazé received the bronze.


EFMP has had the honor to host the 2nd world cup this year 2009.

Cairo stadium has hosted most of the events; Fencing is held in the Arena No. 1, While show jumping and combined event are held in the equestrian stadium which is considered the best in Africa and Middle East, while swimming event is hosted at Al-Zohour Sporting Club.

25 countries has confirmed their participation while 3 of them are planning a training camp before the competition .

Competition is over, and EGYPT has won the silver medal by her female athelet (Aya Medany)

The finals started for women on April 18th 08:00 and for men on April 19th 08:00.

For results click here



Aya Medany is the GOLDEN among women in the World Cup #1 Mexico

The young athlete Aya Medany has been doing great during the Competition

Aya has started collecting medals to bring back her ranking to the 1st among the world as the past year. See vedio

Congratulations & Well done Aya, God bless you